Are you a fitness studio looking to organize your instructors’ sub request? Breathe, we’ve got you covered. Sub Guru is the app that simplifies the entire subbing process without the tangled texts or emails.

Less stress, more ease! 

Let us help you manage your subbing process as you navigate reopening your studio during Covid-19!

We get it.

Whether you are an Owner or Manager of a Fitness Club or Boutique Studio, you’re busy managing your abundance! We don’t want you to worry about the substitution process, and you don’t have to. SubGuru. Streamline, Integrate and Automate your instructor substitution process with our user-friendly software. A simple, easy and efficient management tool fit for every studio. Spend less time re-staffing and more time making your studios amazing.

The Lowdown

SubGuru is app-based management software that makes the substitution process easier and more efficient for both Instructors and Studio Managers.

How it Works

Instructors or Studio Managers log into SubGuru, find their class, and select “Request A Sub”. Our system will send a push notification to the designated instructor group assigned. Subs are able to accept or deny a request via the SubGuru app. SubGuru currently links seamlessly with the MindBody Platform and instructor changes are made automatically.

Why it Works

SubGuru fits your business’ workflow. Studio Managers have the option to set a customized Instructor Tier list for each type of class. SubGuru prevents errors by keeping all information and Instructor scheduling changes on one single platform.


Tier System

Select a substitute instructor based on class style, availability and experience level. Pools allow you to select your preferred substitutes and send out the request in a streamlined, systematic order.  

Mindbody Integration

SubGuru seamlessly integrates with MindBody to allow for real-time updates. Owners, Managers, and Members can see all schedule changes as they’re made.

Data Protection

Operate with the peace of mind knowing that your data is safe, secure, and never shared.

Messaging Platform

Streamline and organize your communications. Substitution requests and approvals are done through the app, making the entire process hassle-free.


Have more than one studio? Even better! Instructors can be requested to substitute a class across multiple locations.

Enhanced Communication

Keep your Team and Members up-to-date with any schedule changes using our push notification feature.

Breathe, we’ve got you covered.


Impeccable Customer Service Meets Ease of Use

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100 Employees


per month

($2 per every addt. person up to 120 employees – $189 per month max)

120+ Employees


per month

About Us

From Boutique Studios to Fitness Clubs, SubGuru provides customizable solutions to fit every studio’s needs.

Our Mission:

Sub Guru provides clients with a reliable management solution, relieving them of the common burden of finding substitute instructors for classes. Whether you need to find a sub 2-weeks or 3 hours before a class, Sub Guru will match every class with the appropriate instructor.

Our Purpose:

Our tools empower studio owners threefold:

  1. Provide consistent high-quality customer service through thoughtful communication
  2. Develop well-informed internal systems from trackable data
  3. Grow community and enhance team collaboration

Our Values

1. Integrity

Your time is valuable. Through compassionate relationship, we will always do what we say and honor our promises with transparency. We will always be honest and lead without fear.

2. Inclusivity

We will continually challenge ourselves, others, and our business platform to grow and learn in an environment of mutual concern and respect for the freedom and equal opportunity of all individuals.

3. Courage

We commit to taking risks and asking the hard questions; pushing through the challenges that we all face together as business owners in effort to get to a place of consistency and success.

4. Listening

We learn best when we listen, to your experiences and needs. From your feedback, we grow, shift and build. 

5. Social Impact

Our company was built with the intention of lifting others up through social impact. Our number one priority will always be caring for others and providing opportunity for change. 

Sarah Rasby, M.A.


Sarah Rasby is no stranger to the fitness Instructor Substitution process! She has co-owned a Yoga studio based in Lincoln, Nebraska since 2013. As the Co-Owner and Regional Director of her studios, she believes quality instruction is the heartbeat of her studio. With the many responsibilities that come along with owning a studio, Sarah desired to build a strong, reliable and intellectual system to find and schedule Substitute Instructors for classes. From all the challenges, mishaps, successes, and mediation, SubGuru was created! Sarah is a passionate Entrepreneur and Yoga Instructor. Her vision is to build conscious awareness and integrity within the fitness industry and SubGuru is the management solution to do just that!

Andra Rasby, M.B.A.


Andra Rasby understands the sports and fitness industry from the inside out. She holds an MBA with a concentration in Sports Business, is a former Division 1 Athlete, and a certified Yoga Instructor. As both a Client and Instructor, Andra is well familiar with Group Fitness and the operations behind the Instructor Substitution process. She recognized a disconnect in finding the most appropriate substitutes for group classes. There were too many steps, lost emails, and last minute requests. With a desire to fix this problem, she teamed up with Sarah to design SubGuru and says, “I want Owners, Managers, and Instructors to spend less time worrying about finding the right Teacher and more on the quality of the class.”

Social Impact

Sub Guru believes that strong communities have the power to make an incredible impact. We are committed to giving back to our collective communities. With every dollar earned, we invest back into the community of Lincoln, Nebraska, where SubGuru was founded. Our current initiative is to support female entrepreneurship, helping them to realize their fullest potential and business aspirations.


Phone: (402) 783-1618
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