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What is Sub Guru?
Sub Guru (SG) is app-based management software that makes the substitution process easier and more efficient for both Instructors and Studio Managers. Spend less time finding subs for classes in the most peaceful way!
How does Sub Guru work?
Instructors or Studio Managers log into the Sub Guru app, find the class that needs to be subbed and select “Request A Sub.” The system will send a push notification to all qualified instructors chosen by management. Qualified instructors will receive push notifications based on class style, time of the class and location (if you have more than on studio). Sub Guru allows the right instructors to be notified (i.e. Barre vs. Yoga instructors). Once a request is sent, a qualified sub can accept or deny a request. As soon as an instructor has accepted, management can approve. Once approved, SG will update the MindBody Online schedule.
What software management platform does the Sub Guru integrate with?
Sub Guru currently links seamlessly with the MINDBODY platform. Instructor changes are made automatically with the site owners’ approval. We are currently working on Sub Guru’s tool set to implement with other management platforms.
How do I get Sub Guru for my studio or gym?

Please visit our website, and select our standard subscription. Once you have done this, our Team will be in contact within 48 hours to get you started!

Does Sub Guru share my data with other programs or companies?

No! Never! Please see our privacy policy for more information.

What data from my MINDBODY studio will be shared ?
By subscribing to Sub Guru, you are adding SG to your MINDBODY tool set. Sub Guru uses the minimum amount of data required to match substitute instructors and classes. Instructor’s name, instructors MINDBODY ID (no passwords), class information such as names, times and location. Customer data is never accessed.
What if I have more than one location?

Great! If all your studios are all on the same MINDBODY site ID, those locations will count as one subscription (please see our standard subscription here

If your studio locations are under different MINDBODY site IDs, you will need to have a different Sub Guru subscription for each location.

How do I inform my team of our new subbing policy?
We have all the information you will need to ensure your team is on the same page! This information is sent during on-boarding.
How many instructors are notified for each separate sub request?
Sub Guru will notify all qualified instructors that management selects.
What if an instructor is not receiving notifications for request?
First ensure that the instructor(s) has downloaded Sub Guru from Apple/Google Play store. Secondly, ensure the instructor(s) is toggled “On” under the correct instructors’ profile. Lastly, check with Qualified Classes you have toggled on for them.
What if a sub is not found?
If the sub request has expelled all possible instructors in your SG system, you can choose to restart the process if time allots.

Reminder push notifications are sent to any qualified sub, that has not accepted or decline, hours prior to the class starting.

What if an approved instructor can no longer sub the class?
The substitute instructor will need to “Create the Request” again as their schedule has already been updated. In addition, the site owner can “Create the Request” on their behalf if needed.
How do I remove an instructor?
If you have an instructor that is inactive, you can toggle them off under their instructor profile.

To completely remove an instructor from Sub Guru, you will need to make them inactive on your MINDBODY site.

Who has the final approval of a substitution request?

We have two options for final approvals of subs. Management can have final approval over all sub request or you can select your instructors to have final approval over their requests.

Once a sub is approved by either option, your MBO schedule will be automatically updated with the new instructor. A push notification is sent to the site owner/Manager(s)/instructor(s) for alerting approval.

How do I terminate my subscription?

Please email our support team at

We are here for you! Please email us at or call us at 402.783.1618
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Happy Customers

Sub Guru

Happy Customers


Studio Manager
"Stepping into the management role is difficult. I was filling some big shoes and felt the weight of my new obligations. Sub Guru would have been a huge relief for some of that weight. I am so grateful to have Sub Guru and cannot imagine my life without it!"


Studio Owner
"I am now able to dedicate much more of time towards other important tasks thanks to Sub Guru."


Yoga Instructor
"There is a lot more guilt having to post on facebook or send individual texts to instructors. Sub Guru eliminated that for me and helped me feel more confident."