Tier System

Sub Guru enables you to choose a substitute instructor by considering factors such as class style, availability, and experience level. With the use of pools, you can pre-select your preferred candidates and efficiently send out substitution requests in a streamlined and systematic order, enhancing the overall organization and effectiveness of the process.

Mindbody Integration

Sub Guru ensures real-time updates for all schedule changes through seamless integration with MindBody. This guarantees that your team and clients can promptly view any modifications to the schedule as they occur, fostering transparency and keeping everyone in the loop.

Data Protection

Rest easy knowing that Sub Guru prioritizes data protection. Your information is kept safe, and secure, and is never shared, providing you with the peace of mind to operate without concerns about the privacy and security of your data.

Messaging Platform

Make the most of our messaging platform by leveraging Sub Guru’s group and private chat features. The app is designed to facilitate seamless communication, enabling the efficient management of substitution requests and approvals directly within the platform. This integrated approach guarantees a smooth and organized process for everyone involved.


For those with multiple studios, Sub Guru’s cross-location feature enhances the experience. Instructors can effortlessly be requested to substitute a class across various locations, introducing flexibility and convenience to the substitution process.

Enhanced Communication

Elevate your communication with Sub Guru’s enhanced features. Utilize our push notification feature to keep your team promptly informed of any schedule changes. This ensures that everyone stays up-to-date in real-time, contributing to a more efficient and synchronized workflow for your team.

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Happy Customers

Sub Guru

Happy Customers


Studio Manager
"Stepping into the management role is difficult. I was filling some big shoes and felt the weight of my new obligations. Sub Guru would have been a huge relief for some of that weight. I am so grateful to have Sub Guru and cannot imagine my life without it!"


Studio Owner
"I am now able to dedicate much more of time towards other important tasks thanks to Sub Guru."


Yoga Instructor
"There is a lot more guilt having to post on facebook or send individual texts to instructors. Sub Guru eliminated that for me and helped me feel more confident."